• Impressive design along
    with great features!

    Notebooks KREZ

    Impressive design along with great features!
  • Functional transformers.
    Created for an active lifestyle!

    Transformers KREZ

    Functional transformers.Created for an active lifestyle!
  • Portable tablet, created to impress!

    Tablets 2-in-1 KREZ

    Portable tablet, created to impress!

KREZ Limited - is a dynamically developing and growing international company, specializing in the production of consumer electronics and accessories. Our task is to create innovative and attractive products that are as balanced in price and quality.

Our international team of enthusiastic colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Russia and Taiwan are involved in creating a product line that reflects the latest consumer IT trends. Our products are manufactured in Taiwan and China and pass strict quality control.

KREZ Limited was founded in 2011 and introduced its products for international markets in 2012, offering affordable and advanced gadgets, designed to make your everyday easier and more convenient, brighter and more meaningful.

KREZ promotes dynamic and active way of life, in which creativity and intelligence stand on the front place. We are constantly improving, offering you innovative products, created to expand your capabilities and inspire you for new ideas!

KREZ – Up Your Life!


Flexible and appealing design!

Pure simplicity- 1st step to prefection!

One of the most significat advantages of KREZ tablets is the usage of full-fledge Windows OS. This provides user more opportunities and options then any other OS.
Full Windows Office at your disposal!