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Smart watches KREZ LIFE will be appreciated by true connoisseurs of stylish and functional gadgets. This model will definitely become the highlight of your image and will attract the attention of others. You can even choose the dial design to your taste. With KREZ LIFE, you can always stay in touch without taking the smartphone out of your pocket. Thanks to the synchronization with the phone, you have at your fingertips, and to be precise on your hand, there will always be quick access to the phone book, calls, sms, music management, application notifications and other signals from your smartphone. You will be able to stay in touch throughout the work week, because the hours of work without recharging - up to 3 days. And to activate the device, it is enough to move a hand. In the clock you can also find a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, sleep monitoring and a long absence indicator. Therefore, even with daily work in the office, you can monitor your health and control your activity. KREZ LIFE is an excellent choice for a business person.

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